Sunsuper Investment Options Fees

Sunsuper investment options fees

23 rows · Investment fees are the fees charged to you for managing each investment option. Sunsuper sets investment fees to match expected costs.

The estimated Investment fees are our best estimates based on recent experience and our current long-term expectations for ongoing investment costs. We report the Investment fees in two components; the base fee and the performance-related fee.

The three Pools have identical investments to the respective investment options being, the Balanced, Retirement and Cash investment options.

To show our performance for each Pool we have shown the returns of the respective options (adjusted to reflect fee differences where applicable) up to 4 October with returns of each Pool from 4. For Sunsuper's other investment options: Estimated base fee of between % p.a.

2 and % p.a. 2 plus estimated performance-related fee of between % p.a.

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2 and % p.a. 2 of your account balance. Take a look at the breakdown of investment fees and costs for each investment option. For full details of each option, refer to the Sunsuper for life Investment guide. For details of the fees and costs that apply to each option, refer to the Sunsuper for life guide.

For ratings and awards information, visit our Ratings & awards page. Returns are net of investment fees and costs and where applicable investment taxes. · Sunsuper is making a raft of changes to its investment fees and costs, transactional and operation costs and the definition of Total & Permanent Disability (TPD).

Effective 1 JulySunsuper updated their fees and costs. Overall, the fees and costs for most options decreased, with the exception of. 8 rows ·  · Example of annual fees and costs for a $50, Super-savings account Administration fee: $ p.a. + % (first $K, thereafter nil).

Sunsuper investment options fees

Choice members have access to a wide selection of investment options. Fees are lower than the industry average across all assessed account balances, with the asset administration fee charge on account balances up to $, only. Members are able to switch investment options at no cost. Investment fees and costs While Sunsuper applies ESG criteria across all our investment options, we recognise that members may wish to invest according to a wider set of ethical criteria than those that apply to Sunsuper’s other investment options.

The Socially Conscious Balanced option seeks to invest with managers that are leaders in. Administration fee: $ per week plus % of the first $, of the account balance. Investment fees and costs are in addition to the above. * For more information on fees and costs: Refer to the Fees and costs section of the Sunsuper for life guide. Investment options. Learn more about our investments. Insurance (on Super-savings accounts). Important information about how superannuation works (including Income accounts), and more details of the fees and costs that apply to your account.

Sunsuper for life Insurance guide.

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Details of the insurance options available to you. Sunsuper for life Investment guide. · Home > Investment Strategy > Sunsuper wants more co-invest, zero fees Absolute Returns Conference The Absolute Returns Conference is designed for chief investment officers, heads of investment strategy, heads of alternatives, portfolio managers, analysts and azpe.xn--d1ahfccnbgsm2a.xn--p1airation is open to institutional investors, chairs of investment.

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· 3 years: % p.a. 1 year: % p.a. Past performance of Sunsuper Lifecycle as of June 10 years: % p.a. 5 years: % p.a. 3 years: % p.a. 1 year: % p.a. Fees. · Complexity and ongoing fees pushing consumers away: Sunsuper Tahn Sharpe J Advisers are often overcomplicating investments when giving financial advice in order to validate ongoing fees, according to Sunsuper head of advice and retirement, Anne Fuchs.

For Sunsuper’s other investment options: % p.a.

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– % p.a. Bear in mind that other fees may apply. Consider checking the product disclosure statement (PDS) for details. Superannuation funds can charge a range of fees, including: Activity-based fees – for specific, irregular services, such as splitting an account after a divorce; Administration fees – to cover the cost of managing your account; Advice fees – for personal investment advice. It essentially only lists the investment fees. It doesn't even describe what indexes they are tracking.

And I can't find any emerging markets indexes, which MA15 referenced (was that option removed?). All the investment options are outlined in the SunSuper for life Investment Guide. This fee is charged to look after running your super account. The administration fee charged by Prime Super is currently $¹ per week plus %¹ p.a of your account balance to $, Then nil on balances over $, Prime Super does not charge an administration fee for balances below $6, ¹after benefit of tax deduction.

Investment fees. Beat inflation over 10 years: Super-savings account by 5% p.a. and Income account by % p.a. (after Investment fees and costs and where applicable investment taxes). Fund Strategy Invests in a combination of active, enhanced index and index investment management, across a wide variety of asset classes with a large allocation to Australian and.

Members are able to switch investment options at no cost. Sunsuper for Life's Income Account provides members with a good level of flexibility, with the ability to choose from multiple payment frequencies, ranging from fortnightly to annually. QSuper & Sunsuper continue potential merger discussions through to the end of Earlier this year the Boards of QSuper and Sunsuper signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enter a period of exclusive diligence to explore a merger.

A transaction of this size – two Funds with a combined membership of around 2 million and Funds Under Management of more than $ billion – brings. As announced in March, QSuper and Sunsuper have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enter a period of exclusive diligence to explore a merger.

Latest update.

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Thank you to the many members that logged in recently to watch the QSuper Market Insight online broadcast, hosted by Chief Investment Officer Charles Woodhouse. I was with Sunsuper for almost 15 years and am glad I moved to another Superannuation Fund earlier this year.

Back in the day Sunsuper appeared to be a customer focused organisation. I attended a few of their seminars which were informative. In addition to this, their investment options were diverse and management fees reasonable. Our investment options. Investments.

Options for every type of investor. Option returns are calculated net of investment expenses and Fund taxes but are gross of account-based fees. Due to rounding, excess return may not equate to the difference between option return and median return. Beat the performance benchmark before investment tax but after Investment fees and costs over rolling 3-year periods. Fund Strategy Invests in a mixture of cash deposits with Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs) and investments in capital guaranteed superannuation products.

Sunsuper for Life is designed to provide a whole of life solution, with streamlined processes and communications helping members manage their superannuation from the beginning of their working life through their azpe.xn--d1ahfccnbgsm2a.xn--p1ais have access to an investment menu comprising 19 Diversified and Single Sector options, including both actively. Strong investment returns and low fees. In-house contact centre and administration.

which is a result of its strong commitment to environmental and social azpe.xn--d1ahfccnbgsm2a.xn--p1ai Super offers an investment menu of 5 diversified options and 5 single sector options.

The MySuper Balanced (default) option underperformed the relevant SuperRatings Index. Management Fee: %: Total Management Cost: Performance Fee: % Actual Investment fees may be less than or greater than that indicated.

Entry Price: $ (03/12/) Exit Price: $ (03/12/) Buy/Sell Spread: NAV:. · Sunsuper’s hedge fund program has comfortably beaten global equity returns after fees since To Bruce Tomlinson, portfolio manager for Sunsuper’s $ billion hedge fund program, this is all the justification he needs for a 16 manager hedge. · Sunsuper has entered into a strategic alliance with one of the world's biggest passive fund managers in a move that will put a chill down the spine. These fees are charged to cover the cost to us of managing your investments - costs like external investment management fees, performance related fees, plus transactional and operational costs.

For super, TTR Income and Choice Income accounts invested in the Balanced option, the Investment fee in the year ended 30 June was % of your. the super and investment industry into being more ethically aligned with their clients [ objectives. The Co-op [s nationwide membership of ethical financial advisers help over 3, Australians make financial decisions and invest in line with their ethical values. · "REST Core Strategy" versus "REST Balanced – Indexed" fees. REST Core Strategy: Based on $50, Investment fee: % p.a.

= $ Administration fee: $ per week, plus % of your account balance = $ plus $50 p.a. The latest fund information for Sunsuper Cash, including fund prices, fund performance, ratings, analysis, ratios & manager information. before investment tax but after Investment fees and costs. Fund Strategy. Invests in Cash.

Growth of $10, Management Fee: %: Total Management Cost: Performance Fee: Entry Price: $ (11/  · * InvestSMART's capped Management Fee (capped at $p.a.) does not include fees charged within any ETF held in this portfolio, estimated to be approximately % (indirect cost ratio). Brokerage costs are not included in this calculation. For more information about fees and costs, please see the Product Disclosure Statement and Investment Menu.

For the QSuper investment options: Lifetime option Focus 1, Aggressive, Growth, and Moderate. 7. Excludes the Self Invest option. 8. The annual fee for QSuper Balanced options comprises of the investment fee, indirect cost ratio, and admin fee (%p.a.), which are based on the fees and costs for the financial year ended 30 June From July 1, Sunsuper is slashing weekly fees for pension members from $ to $ It will also reduce investment fees for its default investment option from % to %.

For the fund's million Super-savings members, investment fees in the default investment option. The total fees and any other applicable fees are deducted daily from the unit price before the unit price is declared and may differ from future fees and costs.) The total annual fees – including administration and investment fees and indirect cost ratio – range from % to %.

The total annual fee for the Balanced option is %. The funds above have the lowest fees within the balanced investment option for public and limited public offer funds only as at 31 December. Fees include percentage-based administration fees, member fees, investment management fees (including performance-based fees), indirect cost ratios and taxes, but exclude any applicable employer size rebates.

All four of Sunsuper's superannuation investment options have had their ratings downgraded by Morningstar following its revised ratings framework. The $70 billion industry fund's balanced, growth, conservative and retirement options are now rated as bronze, having previously been silver. Sunsuper investment chief, Ian Patrick, is buying unlisted assets despite record prices that are set to climb even higher as super funds scramble for yield.

Elizabeth Fry Janu. Analysis On the geopolitical horizon. It’s impossible for asset owners to predict the year’s geopolitical upsets.

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Diversification will be the key to a. • stress-tested investment strategies proven through all sorts of climates to deliver strong, long-term returns that have beaten the industry average over 3, 5, 7 and 10 years • Lower fee fund. InSunsuper made its first direct investment in retail, in Marketown in Newcastle, NSW. Weaver says the centre caters mainly to convenience shopping.

Some 30 per cent of Sunsuper’s real estate portfolio is directly held, with the balance through a large number of funds run by managers. Sunsuper's Adviser Online is a hub that allows you to access research reports, view your client’s account details 24/7, help your clients implement transactions.

Sunsuper Adviser Online. Log into Adviser Online. Email address. Password. Register here to get online access.

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We can help you access more investment options to help you achieve your future goals. No two CareSuper members are the same. That's why we offer 12 different investment options, each with different targets for returns and levels of investment risk, plus a Direct Investment option.

Media Super's investment fees vary between each option and include: Investment fee – This represents estimated fees paid by Media Super for the management of assets for the particular investment option. These are paid from the Fund’s assets. Indirect Cost Ratio (ICR) – Similar to the investment fee, the ICR represents estimated costs related to the management of assets for the investment.

Only administration and investments fees and costs are covered. Fees are gross of income tax. Go to azpe.xn--d1ahfccnbgsm2a.xn--p1ai for further information about the methodology used and Chant West's Financial Services Guide. For the QSuper investment options: Lifetime option. Only administration and investment fees and costs are covered. Fees are gross of income tax. Go to azpe.xn--d1ahfccnbgsm2a.xn--p1ai for further information about the methodology used and Chant West’s Financial Services Guide.

For the QSuper Investment options: Lifetime option Focus 1, Aggressive, Growth and Moderate.

Sunsuper investment options fees

2. Excludes the Self Invest option. 3. · Sunsuper’s balanced option charged an investment fee of per cent last financial year. (Its new MySuper Lifecycle product shifts investors from the balanced option after age 55 to more conservative options.) Heilbronn is confident that it will stack up against rivals.

“I welcome the idea of competition being opened up to all,” he says.

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